emotional intelligence for your business

A Job that can be done being not in touch with your emotions, with your feelings and with your inner self, is a Job that a machine can and will easily do at your place.

Giano, CEO & Founder of MIND


mindfulness paths for your company

Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind is like water, it always adapts and borrows its shape from every contest without losing its flowing nature.

This path is perfect for managers, leaders and creative employees or any person who needs a very wide vision and open mind.

Group and private sessions of both meditation and emotional intelligence applied.

Every company is different and so is our job with each person.

Solid Mind

Like a mountain made of diamonds, the solid mind never breaks. Its stillness is strength, its errors, precious food for improving.

The path is perfect for employees and product operators who work with simple but repetitive tasks or in a stressful environment.

Group sessions of meditation and emotional training.

The mindfulness teacher will use the “Muse meditation headband©” for the learning process.

Our Mind

Our company is formed by very special people, whose skills are proven by their results both in work and in life.

His founder Giano, has spent more then 7 years in a mindfulness spiritual community as student and then as general manager.

He has several university degrees, one in human resources, one in sociology and one in psychology, and is author of many books about meditation and mindful life.

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